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Product Development, Publishing, Training & Curriculum
Seattle, WA

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#For more than 20 years, I've been involved in creating great media, education and staff development products - for education, broadcasting, advertising and corporate product development organizations.

Over the past 15 years, I've led teams that have created innovative software and professional development content for K-12 educators and school and district leadership teams in some of the largest school systems in the United States. I've designed and built online planning and classroom observation tools, produced and directed hundreds of best practice videos, and developed world-class academic publishing products.

Throughout, I've played a key role in conceptualizing and developing great products and programs that have helped thousands of educators become better at what they do - and as a result, tens of thousands of students have had greater learning opportunities.

I focus first and foremost on the specific needs of the end user - building products that are relevant, simple to use and designed to make life easier and richer - all the while collaborating with academic, marketing and technical teams to ensure that the overall company goals are met.

From initial concept, to design and development, to product and program management - I make it happen.

Principal - Airfoil Consulting

2014 - Present

I provide consulting services to organizations in the areas of training and curriculum product and program development, front-end UI/UX and media communication strategy.

Current projects include:

Washington Federation of Independent Schools: Led a full rebranding for this statewide organization, including development of a new website, custom CRM web-application, and communication and messaging strategy consulting.

Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance (NEEA): Advisor leading the research, testing and implementation of a new extended enterprise LMS solution, and developing content and curriculum for new training and certification program.

Enlearn: Managed a foundation funded research trial of Enlearn's Generative Adaptation software platform, which is being developed in a partnership with the University of Washington Center for Game Science, and combines problem generation with machine learning to make texts or assessments virtually infinite, and infinitely adaptive. Also worked with the senior management team to craft new company messaging and a redesign of the company website, as well as consulting on UI/UX for new software platform elements.

City of Seattle - Lighting Design Lab: Strategic advisor on a project for creating a new trade certification training program. Consulting on the creation of clear, measurable performance metrics as the first step in development of new performance standards and new curriculum, strategies for motivating adults who are participating in mid-career training toward new standards and integration of classroom education with on the job work experience.

Element LMS: Advising on strategic development of K-12 teacher training content and cloud-based LMS system.

Director, Digital Publishing - Generation Ready

2012 - 2014

Generation Ready is a national provider of K-12 professional learning services, combining deep instructional job-embedded expertise, innovative technology tools, and a targeted digital content library designed to ensure sustained professional growth and improved student learning. Largest provider of professional development services for the New York City Department of Education.


Directed all aspects of educational digital publishing – including web, print and video.


Led the development of more than 30 published courses on Common Core implementation for both Literacy and Math, and produced and directed more than 50 videos to supplement the course materials.


Managed company asset catalog through multiple acquisitions, and successfully built online library of hundreds of educational materials that merged content from acquired companies.


Led the front-end development of a new web-based learning and work management platform that is now in use by hundreds of company consultants in major school systems throughout the USA, including the New York City Department of Education.

Vice President, Products - Editure Professional Development

2009 - 2012

Editure Professional Development provided online and onsite academic and technology professional development and consulting services to more than 5,000 schools in 25 states. Offerings were tailored to enable districts and schools to effectively integrate professional development and technology in the classroom. Services and products included intensive on-site consulting, an industry-leading online professional development system, rich content, distance learning courses, and video models.


Led the design and development of a web-based platform (PD Pro) and web-based teacher observation tool (Observation Pro) that were used in large school systems, state departments of education and universities.


Led the design and development of five full professional development content courses: Formative Assessment, Collaborative Learning, Essential Classroom Strategies, Common Core State Standards, Frameworks for Effective Classrooms

CTO/Co-Founder - TeachFirst

2000 - 2008

TeachFirst provided a comprehensive professional development offering for K-12 schools, giving teachers online access to effective teaching strategies, lesson plans, supplemental materials, organizational and planning tools, video models – along with on-site consulting services, training and workshops.

•Built K-12 professional development startup from 4 employees to 40, and expanded company nationwide, to over 112 school districts and several state departments of education (including Massachusetts, Hawaii, and Virginia).

•Went from $0 to over $5 million in sales with only limited angel funding, and stayed cash-flow positive for all eight years.

•Designed and developed online professional development platform that delivered academic content and provided planning and professional development management tools.

•Hired and managed software development team, design team and worked closely with academic team to develop content catalog of more than 150 published products.


Produced and directed more than 100 best practice videos.

Vice President, Corporate Design - Madison Marketing Design

1997 - 1998

Madison Marketing Design created brand identities, product concepts, packaging and marketing collateral for high-end consumer product companies and major retail chains on the west coast. Clients included: Starbucks Coffee, Nordstrom, Eddie Bauer, Restoration Hardware, REI and Hooked-On-Phonics.


Responsible for development of marketing strategies, packaging concepts and branding direction for national retail clients, including numerous Fortune 500 and enterprise-level organizations.


Powerful Designs for Professional Learning, 2nd Edition (2008)

Published by the National Staff Development Council

Authored chapter: Using Video to Change Practice

Non-Profit Boards

Board Chair - Seattle Gaels

Currently serve as Board Chairman for this non-profit Irish cultural and sports organization. The Seattle Gaels promote the Irish sports of hurling, camogie and Gaelic football, as well as Irish and Irish-American culture and heritage.

Board Advisor - Treeswing

Treeswing was a Seattle area non-profit organization committed to promoting childhood health, fitness and reduction of obesity.

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A few words from my colleagues

Sandi Everlove
Former Chief Academic Officer
Washington STEM
"As colleagues, Brian and I worked together on numerous projects that involved professionals from a variety of backgrounds. One universal challenge in all of the projects was understanding the needs and wants of the people who would be using the technology and effectively communicating that to the people responsible for designing and developing the solutions. Because of Brian's deep understanding of the educational content of the products, as well as his ability to "speak" design, functional specifications, and user interface, he was an indispensable team member who was able to ask the right questions, clarify our thinking, and then translate that accurately to create the solutions we wanted."

Sheena Hervey
Chief Academic Officer
Generation Ready
"Brian has a depth of understanding about the nature of our work and need for quality professional learning for teachers. The work Brian produces is excellent and shows his intuitive understanding of the relationships between teachers, students and their learning. He established and worked with a team of content specialists, and managed keep them on deadline, providing creative input while driving them to finish quality content quickly and efficiently."

John Mullin
Chief Executive Officer
"I don't live in the design and development world, so I never know all the options we should be considering. With Brian, I am confident we just need to have a general idea of what the end result should accomplish, and he helps us both crystallize that idea into a concrete set of objectives and then takes us through all the options for meeting those objectives. He also "gets it" that those objectives are going to change, sometimes rapidly, and helps us plan for that inevitable change from the start. It's a fast, iterative process that works for the realities of our business."

Dr. Jane Wolz
Director of Content
"Brian has spent countless hours in schools, K-12, across the country working with exceptional teachers in their classrooms. He has used that experience to lead the development of content that effectively supports implementation of standards-aligned instruction. The high-quality products he has created over the years reflects his in-depth knowledge of essential instructional practices and his ability to develop a collaborative relationship based on trust with the teachers, students, and administrators."