Common Core Standards Aligned Resources

I led a team of pedagogy experts in creating a library of professional learning content designed specifically to help teachers, school leaders and other educators advance student achievement. I also produced and directed a series of grade-level videos of exemplary teaching practice that illustrate key Common Core implementation elements and shifts. The content library provides an array of Common Core aligned units in the areas of English Language Arts and Mathematics - in all grade levels, K-12. Teachers use these as professional learning tools, and as templates for creating their own content.

This content library is currently being used in hundreds of K-12 schools throughout the United States as well as in university teacher preparation and faculty development programs.

The Common Core Content Framework

I created over 50 K-12 grade-level units, with the content packaged in a teacher-friendly, logically organized and easy to understand framework. Each unit contains:

  • An explanation of the specific Standard, why it is important, and the Instructional Shifts necessary for implementation
  • Rubrics that present clear indicators of student progress toward standard
  • Exemplars of texts and student work – with accompanying rubrics
  • Exemplary instructional units, lesson plans, and performance tasks
  • Video models demonstrating key strategies in real classrooms and learning environments
  • Professional Learning Community collaborative study content
  • Glossary and Additional Resources

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