Professional Development Planning and Tracking

I led the initial specification and design process for ReadyPath - a tool for educators to plan and track their professional growth. It’s intuitive, easy-to-use and designed to support teachers and leaders without a steep learning curve that takes away from precious classroom time.

The modules within ReadyPath follow the professional development process in a logical flow. Plans are created and executed, the results observed, progress charted and mapped against goals. Plans are then updated and identify the critical next steps based on what’s been learned.

Unlike professional learning systems that are a collection of disconnected utilities, information in ReadyPath flows among the modules seamlessly. For example, observations automatically update progress status to identify areas in need of improvement, which in turn leads to new goals and actions. Professional development becomes much more streamlined and efficient as a result.

ReadyPath - An Online Professional Development Management Tool

A key strength of ReadyPath is its interconnectedness. Plans are linked to content, performance is connected to goals and teachers can be grouped together to get a better understanding of overall progress. The system can also integrate with existing district and school systems.

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