NXT Level Training for Lighting Design

I served as strategic adviser and lead product designer for the NXT Level training program - a new certification program for trade ally companies and individuals delivering lighting retrofits to commercial and industrial customers in Washington, Oregon, Idaho and Montana. NXT Level 1 training addresses the needs customers, utilities, and trade allies face in the commercial lighting retrofit market. The program is designed to provide those who complete the training gain a thorough understanding of advanced lighting systems and controls. NXT Level 1 is broken into six learning modules, each focusing on a different aspect of the lighting retrofit market. The curriculum is intended to provide trade allies with a comprehensive, thorough understanding of the entire lighting retrofit project.

The NXT Level Content Framework

I worked with subject matter experts and municipal utility management to create six learning units, with the content packaged in a user-friendly, logically organized and easy to understand framework.

The course consists of six key units: Lighting Concepts, Lighting Technologies, Lighting Economics, Lighting Energy Codes, The Value of Lighting, Understanding Utility Programs. Each unit contains:

  • A comprehensive overview of the particular subject matter, deep exploration of the relevant concepts and issues, frequent opportunities for self assessment, and a variety of graphic and multimedia content that enhances the learning experience
  • A full glossary of terms used throughout the course
  • Links to additional external resources and tools
  • A final, comprehensive summative assessment

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