Washington Federation of Independent Schools - Website and Branding

As the primary advocacy organization for private and independent schools in the State of Washington, the Washington Federation of Independent Schools (WFIS) was in need of a modern, mobile-friendly website to effectively reach school administrators and staff, and provide them with up-to-date resources, news, information and digital tools that include relevant and important information about legislative and policy actions, along with professional development tools and opportunities.

Given its small staff and available resources, WFIS also required a solid content management system that would allow the team to easily manage content and functional features on the site without the ongoing need to engage developers or other technology specialists. Content management, data gathering and basic layout and design issues needed to be easily manageable by WFIS staff.

Additionally, WFIS was in need of a branding design refresh - with an updated, clean, modern and professional look that better communicated its mission and could be leveraged for both digital and print media.

New WFIS Home Page & Branding

Original WFIS Home Page & Branding

WFIS Website and Branding Project

I worked with the WFIS management team to create an entirely new website with a dramatically updated, responsive design, and new tools and features. We revised the content to put a stronger focus on the core mission and functions of the organization - primarily legislative and policy advocacy, direct work with governmental agencies and professional development opportunities. The previous site (left, bottom) was dated, not designed for mobile devices and had limited functionality for the target audience.

Additionally, I created a new logo treatment and basic branding elements that provided a more modern feel, and that scaled and provided flexibility across various media types. Some highlights are shown at left and below. These include:

  • An after and before view of the WFIS homepage - with a new look and feel and responsive design for desktop and mobile platforms
  • An interactive map built using the Google Maps API and displays all member schools within the state
  • A searchable database of member schools, with detailed grade level, affiliation and contact information
  • An updated logo treatment - with a cleaner, more modern feel and updated color palette
  • Sections for relevant education news and event updates
  • A classified style job board that allows member schools to post and manage job openings

Work Sample #1