The Celtic Jewelry Studio

About The Celtic Jewelry Studio

Handcrafted Celtic Jewelry with an Ancient Story.

Inspired by the mythology of the ancient Celts, our handcrafted jewelry speaks their history and legend through symbol and color. Celtic knots such as the Celtic Trinity or Triknot, round Lughs knot and the Celtic Quad knot combine with real gemstones including Amethyst, Garnet, Lapis, Malachite, Dragon Blood Jasper, and Connemara Marble and are finished with details in crystals.

There is much folklore surrounding the Irish and Scottish people: The story of the Irish Claddagh and the Scottish Luckenbooth, the legend of the Celtic Dragon, Tree of Life, or Triple Goddess; our Celtic jewelry collections take these ancient stories and retell them in colorful, playful jewelry.

Our best selling SACRED NUMBERS COLLECTION, based on the numerology of the ancient Celts, retells the significance of what they believed were sacred numbers. CELTIC LEGENDS is a collection of Celtic mythology, Adorn pins, Cruthu (meaning Creation in Gaelic,) Celtic Dragon, Hearts of Ireland, and Cliodna (Celtic Goddess of the Sea). Our designer range, and Irish and Scottish Moments in Miniature all come beautifully packaged with story card.

EARRINGS AND PENDANTS with sterling silver ear wires, and a variety of chain choices, CELTIC BRACELETS, pins and IRISH NECKLACES give you a wide variety of choices by which you can feel and wear the Power of the Celts.